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2001: 25th Anniversary - Jamboree In The Hills
2001: 25th Anniversary - Jamboree In The Hills
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Believers in Achievers

We mentor, sponsor, encourage and inspire ACHIEVER kids who, through their own self initiative, have shown they are "Doing the Right Thing" in their young lives.


Because the many fine State and Federal Agencies who give scholarships and grants, etc. often focus on kids who have substance abuse problems, social problems, or come from low income or minority groups - walking right past the ACHIEVERS.

We reward ACHIEVEMENT. We look for the "good kids" who are Achieving something extra.

They may be from families who are working their buns off to stay off the welfare rolls, and are therefore ineligible for Federal or State help, but who have earned the right to be the Roll Models for our future generations.

We identify those kids who have worked hard to "Do The Right Thing".... such as stay in school, make good grades, help their community, excel in a field of endeavor that they have chosen.

There are no limitations as to category of ACHIEVEMENT. It can be Sports, Academics, Computer Science, Agriculture, Community Service, starting their own business, or pursuing 'something new'.

Our goal is to help young Achievers get to the next step toward their goals.

Example: A young award winning photographer wants to be a Sports Photographer. We contact Los Angels professional sports teams, The Lakers, the Dodgers, The Angels, The Kings, to obtain Press Passes, introduce him to established sports photographers who may be willing to mentor him.

There are no racial or income requirements to be recognized as an ACHIEVER.

We who are concerned and helping are BELIEVERS IN ACHIEVERS.

Among our Board of Advisors are stars of the entertainment industry such as Pat Boone, and John Schneider (DUKES OF HAZZARD star) as well as business and church leaders such as Dr. Clyde Wasdin of Bakersfield's Christ Cathedral.


We welcome individuals and businesses who would be proud to be known as BELIEVERS IN ACHIEVERS.

Believers In Achievers
9530 Hageman Rd
Suite B-301
Bakersfield, CA 93312

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