Mayf Nutter
Gunsmoke Festus' cousin Heathcliff
The Waltons As Bobby Bigelow
Knot's Landing As Parker Winslow
Jamboree Mayf with his Dad.
2001: 25th Anniversary - Jamboree In The Hills
2001: 25th Anniversary - Jamboree In The Hills
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Mayf Nutter

Welcome to the official Mayf Nutter home on the web. This site is the "jumping off point" to all things Mayf on the Internet.

As time progresses, more links will be added, including more links to where you can purchase Mayf's music.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

NEW: Watch a 6 minute "mini-sode" of Charlie's Angels with Mayf as Eddie Dirko - the first bad guy on the series - courtesy of Hulu

Mayf is always looking for opportunities to utilize his vast movie, television, speaking, and musical repertoire. If you would like to discuss booking him for a music performance, speaking, acting or voice/narration engagement; visit the contact page.

Bob Timmers, Mayf Nutter, Buck Owens, Rockabilly Hall of Fame

Mayf Nutter accepting his induction into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Shown with Bob Timmers founder of Rockabilly Hall Of Fame (left) and Buck Owens (right).

Someone found this Mayf Nutter record from 1964 or 65: TALKIN' TO MYSELF. Interesting that the format/arrangement is suggestive of today's heavy rock records, but before the distortion on guitars, etc. was available. Sounds like a fusion of R&B horns bands (James Brown, etc.) and today's grunge guitar licks combined with Delta Blues and a touch of Humor. Just 45 years or so ahead of my time, huh? Haha!

Wrote this song while in Durham, NC leading a rock group THE CASTAWAYS. We were the hot group for Duke University and UNC. This is my first record that I produced, wrote, and sang that was released as a single.

Recorded in Raleigh, NC. on tape without overdubs.


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